THE TOKYO GIRLS’ GUIDE MAP は憧れの街、Tokyoに出てきた地方出身のGirlたちをイメージした作品だ。。Tokyoの風景に溶けこもうと最新のファッションに身を包む。しかし、どこか違和感のあるスタイル。このTHE TOKYO GIRLS’ GUIDE MAP はそんなトーキョーに馴染みたくても馴染みきれない彼女たちのもどかしさを街と視覚的に同化させることで表現した作品だ。

The country girls who came to Tokyo, the city of yearning. They wrap themselves up in high fashion so they can blend into the cityscape of Tokyo. But their styles seem somehow strange. This art work ‘THE TOKYO GIRLS’ GUIDE MAP’ visually assimilates the frustrations of those girls who wish to adapt themselves to the big city perfectly yet fail unfortunately, into the metropolitan cityscape. All photo shootings took place in Tokyo. The garments are not printed, but are assemblages of many different kinds of fabrics. I sewed them with the fabrics of different thickness and textures. By doing so, I intended to make badly fitting garmtents, so they would never perfectly assimilate into the scenery, because such imperfection is what we can also see in the clumsy ways of life of the girls who worry about others’ eyes, hide their true identities, and struggle to adapt to Tokyo. 


Photographer : Yukie Miyazaki
Hair&Make up : Kumiko Nagaoka
Costume : Chiaki Shimizu
Location : Tokyo
Year : 2006