THE PRAYER は、作者が初めて制作した衣服である。
2002年、ロンドンの服飾学校に在籍した際に制作したこのTHE PRAYERは、18世紀から19世紀にイギリス人女性アン・リーによってアメリカで広められたシェーカー教がテーマとなっている。シェーカー教は「美は有用性に宿る」とし、華美な装飾を嫌った。彼らの作る家具や家はシンプルに作られ、無駄を省いたデザインが特徴的である。彼らの着る衣服もまた、シンプルであり、襟元までしっかりとボタンで締められたドレスは彼らの禁欲的な生活を想像させる。そのシェーカーの生活をイメージした衣服がこのTHE PRAYER だ。


‘THE PRAYER’ was the first design that I created at the London Centre for Fashion Studies in 2002. The theme was designed from the mid19th ‘Shaker Movement Style’, which is one of the originated in England by Ann Lee and spread in the USA. The Shakers advocate ‘Beauty rests on utility’, and they dislike the ornate decorations Their products such as furniture and houses are created simply, and this design is characteristic in its avoidance of ornaments. Their garments were also created simply with front buttons were closed to the neck point. The garments were based on their ascetic life style. I first thought that I should create a typical European style garment at the beginning when I studied the techniques of sewing. At first, I sewed the shirts with pinstripe cotton poplin, and I attached the antique buttons in front, the puff sleeves have got full gathers. The skirts were sewed with navy twill cotton and given plenty of tucks. I tried to create typical European style garments, but the tutors’ opinions were unexpected. They said, ‘ The garments reminded of us typical Japanese uniforms for high school girls and that’s why your garments are unique.’ I imagined that they were talking Japanese girl idols who wear high school uniforms. These school uniforms came from Europe, but they are recognized as Japanese style nowadays. I realized that even if I imitated European style, the style would remind people of Japanese style. I am inevitably influenced by Japanese culture. People are affected in their environments, assimilate atmosphere, and live with their surroundings. I realized this and was deeply consider about the relationship between fashion and context.

Photographer : Hiromi Iguchi
Costume : Chiaki Shimizu
Location : London
Year : 2002